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    The first Russian competition with international participation

    Aluminum in architecture

    The competition “Aluminum in Architecture” is the only competition in Russia that demonstrates the possibilities of aluminum in the realized objects, as well as reveals the prospects for the use of this material in the designed works. The best implemented project is awarded a National Prize - Grand Prix.

    Bright, memorable projects created in recent years with the use of aluminum products are sports facilities, allowing to meet the high requirements and quality, and technology.

    The use of aluminum at transport facilities has significantly increased, in which of the modern metro stations aluminum isn’t used. New buildings of airports, Transport Hubs, stations demonstrate a variety of forms and finishes used from aluminum.

    The most architectural projects feature translucent structures, such as the combination of aluminum and glass, which have become one of the most popular materials for creating sustainable architecture. The implementation of projects using aluminum and glass according to the standards of "green" construction takes into account the problems of environmental protection, material resources, and energy consumption.

    New direction is the construction of bridges made of aluminum, the first in Russia installed in Nizhny Novgorod. The practice of building aluminum bridges is used in many foreign countries and has good development prospects in our country.

    Application form

    Hereby in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-ФЗ

    "On personal data" dated July 27, 2006, by sending this form,

    You agree to the processing of personal data.

    Competition Regulations
    1.  General regulation

    1.1 Founder: Association of producers, suppliers and consumers of aluminum      
    (Russian Aluminium Association)

    1.2 Organizers: the Union of Architects of Russia, the Union of Moscow Architects. 

    1.3 Competition official support: Complex of urban policy and city building of Moscow, Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development, JSC Research Center of Construction, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Union of Glass Enterprises.

    1.4 Goals of the Competition:

    -  Popularization of the use of aluminum in architecture and construction as one of the most promising materials for the formation of an attractive appearance of modern cities.

    - Development of constructive interaction between architects, designers and manufacturers of aluminum structures and products.

    1.5 The materials of the competition, the announcement of the beginning and the main stages of the competition will be posted on the websites of the International forum «Aluminum in architecture and construction”, the Russian Aluminium Association, the Union of Architects of Russia, the Union of Moscow Architects and specialized media.


    2. Format of the competition

    The review competition is open and held in one stage.


    3. Participants of the competition

    3.1 We invite everyone who is able to contribute to the development of the architectural environment using aluminum products, structures and materials to participate, Russian and foreign author’s collectives and studios, architects and designers, building experts, interior designers and students of specialized institutes.

    3.2 An individual, organization or creative team can become a participant in the competition.

    3.3 The participant can take part in several nominations of the competition.

    3.4 Projects can be presented by the authors of projects, departments of creative unions, 

    companies - manufacturers of aluminum products, construction organizations, architecture and urban planning authorities of regions and cities of Russia, investment and development companies.


    4. Sections and nominations of the competition

    4.1 The competition is held in two sections: REALIZED and UNREALIZED projects. 

    4.2 REALIZED and UNREALIZED projects are presented with the use of aluminum in structures, facades, translucent structures, interior, exterior decoration and architectural elements of buildings and structures.

    4.3 Subjects of competitive projects:

    The use of aluminum in:

    - public, residential and industrial buildings and structures, 

    - objects of transport infrastructure, 

    - translucent structures, 

    - bridges, bridge structures and transport Hubs,

    - sports facilities,

    - interiors, building elements and small shapes.

    Innovative and energy efficient solutions in the application of aluminum structures and materials.

    4.4 Nominations in each section:

    1. The best architectural solution of new construction objects.

    2. The best solution of reconstruction and restoration.

    3. The best solution of interior design, building elements and small forms.

    4. The best solution of landscaping.

    5. The best solution of «green» construction standards.

    6. The best solution with the use of glass and aluminum.

    The special nomination:

     -  The best student project. 


    5. Dates of the competition

    5.1. Submission of application - until March 1, 2019.

    5.2. Submission of competitive projects - until March 7, 2019.

    5.3. Exhibition of competitive projects - April 2-5, 2019 at the International forum «Aluminum in architecture and construction» (Moscow, Expocentre, pavilion 8).

    5.4. The announcement of the results of the competition and the awarding ceremony of the winners - April 4, 2019 in the Expocentre, pavilion 8.


    6. Conditions and order of participation in the competition.  

    6.1. You need to submit an application for participation and pay the registration fee (see 8.1).

    6.2. Payment is made until March 7, 2019 on the basis of the invoice of the Union of Moscow Architects. After receiving a notice of payment, the project is included in the list of participants of the competition.

    6.3. If a participant submits several projects, a separate application is made for each project and a registration fee is paid. 

    6.4. The author (authors) of the projects submitted to the competition guarantees that the projects and information about them do not violate the copyright or property rights of third parties and assumes responsibility in case of claims by third parties. 

    6.5. Jury members are not eligible to participate in the competition.


    7. Composition and requirements for the submitted materials:

    7.1. All graphics and annotation materials should be made with an emphasis on the use of aluminum.

    7.2.  You need to send the following to the email info@alumforum.ru:

    - application for participation and Annex to the application.

    The application form should be downloaded at www.alumforum.ru;

    - exposition materials - layout of poster (see 7.4). Exposure of one project - 2 or 4 posters, each size 0.95x1.40 (h) m;

     - short annotation in free form (no more than 1.5 thousand characters with spaces) in a separate Word file.      

    7.3 To publish competitive projects in the catalogue and on the site, it is necessary to send separate images presented on posters in the original high resolution (TIFF format, CMYK 300dpi, JPG is allowed in the maximum quality).

    7.4  Layout of posters should include:

         - information field (see 7.6.);

         - general view, fragments of the object (for realized objects - photos from nature) – depending on the nomination;

         - graphic projections (plans, facades, sections, details, etc.) - depending on the nomination (at the discretion of the author);

          - annotation to the project (no more than 1000 characters).

    7.5 The layout of the posters is submitted in electronic form – graphic file format TIF

    size of 0.95 x 1.4 (h) m with resolution of 150 dpi.  Each poster is presented in the separate file. 

    Rules of registration for posters are on the site www.alumforum.ru/guidelines.

    Please read them carefully and arrange the posters in accordance with the rules.

    7.6 For «Information field» (filled by the Organizer) at the top of each poster leave «clean» strip 15 cm high and send the following information in Word format:

    - section of the competition, nomination;

    - name and location of the object; 

    - team of authors (in accordance with the Application);

    - design and construction organizations;

    - manufacturers of aluminum structures and materials;

    - Investors, customers, developers (at the request of the authors). 

    7.7 Printing and production of posters is carried out by the organizer of the competition.

    Listing and production of poster is carried out by the Organizer of the competition. 

    7.8. In the special nomination «The best student project», materials can be submitted on 1 or 2 posters.


    8. Registration fee:

    8.1 Registration fee for 1 project:   2 posters – 450 Euro, 4 posters -700 Euro.

    VAT (20%) is included.

    Registration fee includes:

    - printing of competitive projects on posters (plastic);

    - organization of the exposition;

    - publication in the Forum catalogue: 1 page A4 for 2 posters, 2 pages for 4 posters.

    - posting information about the competition on the websites of the Forum, Russian Aluminum Association, the Union of Architects of Russia, the Union of Moscow Architects, specialized media;

    - presentation of participants’ projects in the business program.     

    8.2 Registration fee for participation in the special nomination «The best student project»  -  90 Euro.

    8.3 Publication of advertising in the catalogue (at the request of the participant): 1 page – 600 Euro.


    9. Jury.

    9.1. The jury consists of leading architects, the aluminum industry experts, representatives of relevant organizations and institutions. 

    9.2. The evaluation criteria of the jury are: professionalism, compositional and artistic unity of the object; non-standard design solutions, the search for new forms; the use of innovative materials and technologies; functional, ergonomic and environmental quality.

    9.3. The jury reserves the right not to choose any winner in the stated nominations.


    10. Awards:

    10.1. The National award is Grand Prix for the best realized projects with the use of aluminum and money reward in the amount of 3000 Euro.

    In the REALIZED projects section:

    Gold, Silver, Bronze diplomas, diplomas of the Union of Architects of Russia (the number is determined by the jury).

    In the UNREALIZED projects section: 

    Gold, Silver, Bronze diplomas, diplomas of the Union of Architects of Russia (the number is determined by the jury).

    In nomination "The best student project" 

    Diplomas of the Union of Architects of Russia.

    10.2. Diplomas and prizes of the Russian Aluminium Association.


    11. Other conditions

    11.1. All competitive projects remain at the disposal of the Founder and Organizer. Projects not marked by the jury may be returned to the participants within 30 days after the announcement of the results at the address: Moscow, Granatny per., 7.

    11.2. Images of competitive projects and information about them may be used at the discretion of the Founder and Organizer for advertising purposes related to the competition.

    11.3. The results of the competition are posted on the websites of the Forum, Russian Aluminium Association, the Union of Architects of Russia, the Union of Moscow Architects and specialized media.