AlumForum 2021 business program aims to create favorable conditions for direct dialogue, exchange of best practices and generate new professional relationships between architects, designers, builders, investors, developers and manufacturers of aluminum products.

Heads of relevant ministries and departments, industry experts, leading domestic and foreign architects and designers are invited to discuss topics and issues related to restrictions for the widespread use of aluminum in architecture and construction.

The program will include roundtables, presentations, lectures and reports, workshops, as well as discussions about new approach to the design of buildings using aluminum products, in the context of contemporary foreign and domestic practice, as well as issues of green standards for construction design.

Topics 2021

—  Large-scale implementation of innovations is the main factor in the development of the construction industry, improving its competitiveness, improving the quality and comfort of the living environment.

—  Aluminium in public and residential buildings: aesthetics, durability, life cycle economy. 



—  Architectural language of new technologies.



—  Green technologies and building standards. ALLOW low carbon footprint aluminium.



—  Towards the implementation of national projects: the application of modern environmental and energy-efficient solutions in construction and architecture.



—  Public-private partnership in house building and infrastructure construction



—  Technical regulation in the construction industry. 



—  Expertize of aluminium solutions in construction. 

—  Aluminium solutions for renovation and reconstruction. 

—  Library of model design solutions for kindergarten projects, schools, health clinics, administrative buildings, housing, stadiums, swimming pools, cinemas.

—  State financing of permanent construction projects using model design solutions.


—  Providing construction industry with qualified personnel.


—  Fire safety in construction.


—  Best architectural solutions from leading Russian architects.


—  Best architectural solutions from leading foreign architects.


The Forum's special section
"Aluminium on Transport Infrastructure."

Expanding the use of aluminium in transport infrastructure. 

The use of aluminium in transport facilities:

—  Bridges, overhead pedestrian crossings; 

—  Load carrying and fencing structures, structures and finishing materials for transport facilities, transport hubs, subway stations;

—  Airport buildings, engineering systems.



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